Reading Material

What makes an article great? Reverberating prose? Inspiration to action? A can’t-put-it down, need-to-know voracity? D, all of the above? Here’s a few that I’ve read recently that I think are great, whatever that means.

1.) A Pickpocket’s Tale via The New Yorker

An in-depth look at the art of the sleight of hand—and its most notorious master. Pure magic.

2.) Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek via The New York Times

I was twenty minutes late to a dinner because I couldn’t stop reading this tragic story; don’t just take it from me though: It was apparently the most trafficked non-news story on the Times’ website e-ver.

3.) Be Wrong as Fast as You Can via The New York Times Magazine

Oh there is so much in this piece that speaks to me but the title alone is shouting.

4.) Elizabeth Wurtzel Confronts Her One Night Stand of a Life via New York Magazine

Since I read Prozac Nation at the age of 12, I’ve loved Elizabeth Wurtzel. Almost twenty years later I still feel her writing, for better and for worse.

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