The Downs

Up and down, up and downnnn…my time in Australia has been a veritable roller coaster of moods. Some days I love it here, other days I feel lonely, lost and unstimulated; On the occasional day I wonder what in the world I’m doing, literally.

I know my posts have been a little depress-y lately, but I think it’s important to write about both the good and the bad; As much as “6 months traveling around the world” sounds la-di-da amazing, there are definitely times that aren’t easy.

It’s all par for the course, though, being in a foreign country that’s similar to home with no friends (well, a few now), no family, no job, no apartment…and coming off a five and a half month stint in Asia.

But this week was definitely better than last week: I spent far fewer hours on I found a yoga studio in Bondi that I LOVE and an organic breakfast place where I spend way too much every morning on a blueberry, banana, soy milk & honey smoothie. I bought makeup. I wore it for the first time in half a year. I figured out the public transportation system. I spend my days at the beach. And I’ve made a few friends—smart, cool, interesting girls that I went out with last night for a boozy, fun, funny Italian dinner followed by drinks at cool Sydney bars.

And as I was out last night, it cemented why I’m here, why my “journey” (it goes in quotes, otherwise it makes me criiinge) brought me to Australia. Being able to create a life and assimilate, even just temporarily, has been my biggest challenge thus far. And the smallest successes—dinner with girlfriends, a go-to neighborhood cafe, navigating the trains—have been incredible confidence boosters.

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