Trying to find the right adventure in Indonesia wasn’t easy:

Did I want to trek Mount Rinjani, the active volcano on Lombok? Or check out Jakarta, which holds the record as the worst city when it comes to traffic? (Totally not being sarcastic, I’m a sucker for a big, noisy congested city. Miss youuu Manhattan!) Also of interest: seriouss scuba diving in Sulawesi and the Indonesian cultural epicenter, Yogyakarta.

Decisions decisionssss.

Then I read about Bukit Lawang, a small village up in North Sumatra: “Lost in the uthe depths of the Sumatran jungle is this sweet little town built around an orangutan viewing centre.”

Oh, Lonely Planet, you had me at orangutan!

But forget the viewing center. I signed up for a legit trek into Taman National Gunung Leuser, one of two remaining jungles home to the orangutan (Borneo is the other), as well as tons of other fascinating wildlife.

Four days filled with hiking, white water rafting, camping and some serious orangutan ogling. Here’s the whole trip in pictures. Or just scroll down.

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