TO-DO LIST (Tokyo, Japan):

[Note: I’m catching up on my to-do’s, writing about Japan from Australia, missing it A LOT. I’ll eventually back-date this so it’s with the rest of the Japan posts]

STARE: Tsukiji fish market. Specifically the tuna auction. Quite possibly the best morning of my life.

DINE: Shabu-Zen. As its name suggests, this restaurant is the holy grail of shabu-shabu, aka melt-in-your-mouth thinly sliced beef and veggies, cooked table side via hot pot. 

PEEP: Harajuku. It’s crowded with tourists but worth it to catch a glimpse of the eponymous neighborhood girls. They gather at the Jingu bridge and Takeashite street.   

STAY: Prince Park Tower Tokyo. A great hotel, conveniently located to both the JR and subway lines and overlooking the famous Park Tower. 

PEEP: The Park Tower. Whether or not you stay at the above hotel, the eiffel’s twin sis is worth a visit, especially at night.

EAT: Rakushokushu Maru. Recommended by the wonderful Corrie of thecorriestory, this was by farr my fave meal in Japan. The beef entree and cabbage & pork appetizer, do it.

BATHE: Any onsen. Strip down and soak at one of the many hot spring bathhouses that line the city’s side streets. Weird and wonderful and I will do an entire post on the experience soon that’s how much I love and miss it.

RIDE: Shinkansen aka the bullet train. It’s very fast, very cool and you glimpse Mount Fuji en route to Kyoto. Hi.

EAT: Maisen. Japanese business folk line up at lunchtime for the eatery’s famous tonkatsu, a deep fried pork cutlet served with cabbage and miso soup.

STROLL: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. If you’re lucky enough to go in season, it’s an amazing spot for cherry blossoms. If not, there’s plenty of other gorgeous floral and fauna in the park’s traditional Japanese, English Landscape and French Formal gardens.

DINE: Gonpachi. Kill Bill was filmed here. And the food is delicious. And the waiters speak english. What more could you ask for? The takana meshi rice and toro.

PEEP: The Ghibli Museum. Devastatingly enough, I didn’t get to see this famous anime museum. It sells out months in advance and is supposedly amazing though. Next time.

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