TO-DO LIST (Darwin, Australia):

EAT: La Beach. Order the Pearl of Cullen app, Chilli Bugs main and Key Lime Pikes for dessert. It sounds weird, maybe even unappetizing and I’m not even entirely sure what I ate…bugs?…but it was incredible.

SWIM: Lake Alexander. Nestled in the East Point Nature Reserve this beautiful, man-made lake runs a low risk of crocodiles, which I kid you not is a major factor when choosing where to swim. 

STROLL: Mindil Beach Markets. Listen to live music while you (binge) eat everything from oysters to wood-fired pizza.

VISIT: The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, or MAGNT. Obsesssed with this museum, specifically the Sweetheart exhibit (seriously, click that link) and a particularly poignant virtual reenactment of Cyclone Tracey.

EAT: Cornucopia. Located in the lobby of the museum, this eatery’s breakfast is as awe-inspiring as the exhibits.

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