Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art

Over a year ago Christian Marclay’s “The Clock” video installation came to NYC. I wanted to see it, I never got around to it. You know how it goes.

So when I found out the exhibit was being screened at Sydney’s Contemporary Museum of Art I made a plan to go, stuck to it, and spent Saturday exploring my new favorite museum.

The installation was fascinating, visually arresting, provocative. By splicing together clock, watch and time scenes from thousands of TV shows and movies (footage spans from black & white classics to foreign films and Sex and the City), Marclay creates a full 24 hour moving-image installation that is played in real time (as in, I got to the museum at noon and watched 2 hours of footage: noon, 12:01, 12:02 all the way until the clock struck 2:00 in some movie or TV show).

What is time, what does it mean, how fast does it move?  Totally meta. Totally timeless.

Other highlights of the museum’s collection:

This Untitled by Stephen Birch. 

And the above which I forgot to get the artist’s name of because I was too busy taking this picture.

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