Sooo the infamous full moon party in Koh Phagnan was a full four days ago, but I’m honestly just feeling recovered and ready to write about it today.

The scene: One giant beach party with 15,000+ people, fire dancers, vodka buckets (which are exactly what they sound like), body painters, costumes, mushroom shakes and an amazing torrential downpour at 4am.

I tried to capture it in pictures (above, below) but vodka buckets and a water damaged camera aren’t exactly photography enhancers. Ugh, that picture above is so bad. Sorry!!!!

I didn’t think I was going to love the festivities as much as I did…since I started traveling I’ve cut back almost completely on drinking, save for the occasional local beer, and I’ve been tame on the party-front as well ditching hostel bar crawls for a night in reading or writing.

That being said, full moon was amaaayzing. It was a full-blown got home at 6am soaking wet covered in body paint and didn’t get out of bed until 7pm the following day. To pick up a pineapple pizza. 

Not sure I have it in me to do another one anytime soon, or ever again, but glad to check full moon party off of my ever-shrinking bucket list.

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