Silent Disco

It may not soundd like much, but south Goa’s silent disco scene is as rowdy as any rave.

Because of a 10pm noise restriction in the quiet beach towns of Palolem and Agonda, nightlife impresarios were forced to get creative. So several nights a week people gather at a designated beach bar where a DJ streams music directly into wireless headphones that are handed out upon entry.

Last night, I put on a pair and joined the oxymoronic festivities. 

The music ranged from Jay Z to the Village People’s YMCA, though people quite literally march to the beat of their own drum—or iPod. And, thanks to the deafening effect of the headphones, singing at outrageously high volumes is also common. 

With headphones on, the scene looks like most other drunken late night dance parties; take them off and awkward is too meek of an adjective. 

Observe from a corner. You’ll cringe, laugh and then eventually join in as people aggressively, sweatily, and sometimes toplessly gyrate in complete silence.

And when you want to take a break, it’s even more refreshing than a Kingfisher beer to actually have a conversation at the bar without saying “whatt?” every other sentence.

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