Round the World Travel, By The Numbers

11: Months

20: Countries

291: Blog posts, all archived right here

13: Kilograms, final weight of my bag

2.2: Pounds per kilogram, FYI

0: Times I will ever use kilograms as a unit of measurement again

1: PADI open water scuba dive certification

1: Full Moon Party

2: Shark sightings

1: Skydive

2: Hardcore week-long road trips

27: Hours, my longest bus ride

1: (minor) Motorbike accident

4: Languages in which I can say “hello,” “please,” “thank you” and “delicious”

1: Relationship 

400: Coconuts drank (approximate)

1: Indian hair oil treatment

3: Inches of hair growth

1: Successful meditation

5: Seasons of The Wire

204: New Facebook friends

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