Resolutions, resolutions.

I’m a bit late to the train, but happy to be on board. Last year’s all still stand, though they were loftier, more idealistic (and written from a beach in Goa). Here in New York it’s all about the concrete goals for 2013:

1.) Find a writer’s Retreat/Workshop. I have hundreds of pages written—the start of a book, random personal musings and 67 blog post drafts. I’m eager for some guidance, ideally in the form of one-on-one time, with a professional, in a (foreign) seminar setting. I’ve found a few that interest me (Ossabow, UCLA); I’ll post a comprehensive roundup soon. (If you know of anything:, por favor.)

2.) Read. Books. I spent an hour in a tiny East Village book store last night browsing anti-establishment tomes and $1 fiction, thinking about my future offspring and how they’ll probably never know what it’s like to skim a circus clown’s autobiography that smells like old, yellowing book in the midst of questionably homeless company. So here’s to patronizing independent bookstores while they still exist, random selections and just more reading, in general.

3.) Rediscover Art. I used to love art, filling my college electives with everything from Impressionist to Modern history classes. And while I can still accurately name most Morisot and Manet paintings, a recent visit to the Met also made me realize how little I’ve taken advantage of NY’s museums, exhibits and underground movements. 

…I also want to want to cook more. And learn Japanese. Help people (outside of just volunteering). Be more aware. And kind. And financially savvy. Land my headstand. Take a meditation course… 

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