My Year Backpacking


Five Immediate Thoughts on Mumbai:

1. It doesn’t really smell; definitely not in the way that people warned me it would.

2. People stare at me like I’m Angelina Jolie. (And if you saw what I looked like after my 15 hour plane ride yesterday, I most certainly am not.)

3. My $15 a night hostel (Anjali Inn) is clean, helpful and has hot water and a TV…all things I wasn’t expecting but am so happy to have.

4. The food is cheap and incredible: I had chicken, rice & chapati for dinner last night and it cost one dollar. Including my Sprite.

5. There are so many stray dogs.

Must See: Mani Bhavan


Mani Bhavan is Gandhi’s former Bombay residence (1917-1934) turned museum.

Apropos of its history, Mani Bhavan is the most peaceful place I’ve found so far in this hectic city; you can walk through the story of Ghandi’s life told in miniature figures, see the original room that he worked from and peruse the letters he wrote to Hitler, President Roosevelt and Einstein (amongst others). It’s a humbling experience and an important refresher course in the importance of love, tolerance and truth.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world”