My Year Backpacking

The Plan

(subject to impulsive decisions and people I meet along the way):

November 5-end of December (India): Start in Mumbai, head north and travel from west to east with a potential detour in Nepal. Try and make it all the way to Darjeeling!

End of December (India): Goa for Xmas/NYE/Sunburn Music Festival, then journey south along the western coast to the tip of Kerala.

January (India—??): Move back up along the eastern coast before going on to the next country!

I’ve thought only in loose ideas beyond India, but have been considering a stopover in Sri Lanka (has anyone been?) then some time in Indonesia! Also on my list: Africa, Australia.

In Spice Of It All…

P.S. I know this is weird because I’m about to spend the next three months in India, but I’m not the biggest fan of curry or Indian flavoring in general. Don’t love the way it tastes; despise the way it smells. I’ve eaten Indian food no more than 3 times in my whole life. It’s about to get real when I land in Mumbai…or I’m about to get supermodel skinny.