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Traveling Babes.

This post should actually be called How to Not Care While you Watch Your Infant Child Lick Every Single Thing on an Airplane. The fact is, he or she will. My daughter sucked on the arm rest, nibbled on the tray table and licked the window clean. The good news is she didn’t cry once. Here are all of my best tips:

1.) Bring sanitizing wipes and do a quick seat/tray/armchair clean.
2.) Wear a personal air filter and put one on your baby. My weird amazing hippy doctor swears by these to avoid getting sick.
3.) Change the scenery. There’s not that many places you can go on a plane but I took my daughter to the bathroom and you would have thought we were in disneyland. Her mind was blown. She stared at herself in the mirror, attacked the toilet paper dispenser and licked the wall (HOW IS SHE OK?!).
4.) Some stewardesses love babies. Find the ones that do and hand them yours.

To be continued…


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