Lots of Things!

  • I had an article published on Thought Catalog yesterday. Read it here.
  • Thanks to said article, I got a wave of new followers. Hiii!! So appreciative. If you sent me a message/asked me a question I’m trying to answer them all, give me a few days. 
  • I’m in the exciting process of redesigning my blog. Would love any feedback you have for the process, i.e. features and functions you’d like to see or blogs with great layouts for inspiration (my faves: sousstylecupcakesandcashmere and manrepeller).
  • In two hours, I hop on a 17 hour bus to Hue, Vietnam for a Citadel sighting and an excursion through Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, home of the world’s largest cave.
  • I’m actually excited for the above bus ride because I’ve downloaded and started watching The Wire. I know I’m a little late to the game (like 10 years), but super psyched to be playing! 
  • I’m enrolled in an online class. For fall. At Harvard. Specifically CS50x: Introduction to Computer Science. Is it a bad sign if I don’t understand the entire course description? I just want to be smarter. 

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