Japanese Thoughts

  • This place is as absurdly expensive as you’ve heard. Cabs start at $9. START.
  • Why are there so many people wearing SARS masks?!? 
  • Japanese babies are, on the whole, chubbier and bigger than other Asian infants.
  • Japanese guys have THE besttt hair.
  • The style is very, very…original.
  • The doorways are for midgets.
  • Japanese toilets are the future.
  • I NEED to meet a sumo wrestler.
  • Where are all the cherry blossoms?! 
  • Mmmmmmmmmmochi.
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmramen/shabu shabu/sushi. 
  • I may replace “hello” with “konnichiwa” forever.
  • Kimonos make me happy.

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