I’m usually a see-the-glass-half-full kind of girl, but when it comes to maps I only see the places I haven’t been. Yet.

Currently I’m planning on continuing down India from Goa…down through Karnataka and into Kerala to see Cochin, Periyar National Park (where I plan to track tigers and bathe elephants) and Varkala.

Then from the southernmost tip of India I’m thinking of either traveling up on the east coast—through Chennai, Pondicherry, Calcutta…OR heading even further east to do Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam/Laos. There’s also an impulsive part of me that may buy a roundtrip ticket just to quickly see Tokyo and binge eat ramen and sushi.

From there, I’d like to spend a month in Indonesia: Surfing in Bali, scuba diving in the Gilis and hiking Rinjani, Indonesia’s second highest volcano, in Lombok.

After that, I’ve contemplated volunteering at a leper colony (technically it’s called Hansens Disease and it fascinates me) or an orphanage (babies!!), potentially getting a job and working for a bit in Australia, moving to South America, going back to Nepal for a trek…oh, and I’m making plans to backpack all over Europe in June with my best friend.

At some point in my future I WILL take a road trip across America, too.

Traveling is an addiction and I’m seeking help. And by help, I mean that I would love to hear from you on favorite places around the world and where you think I should go next~

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