India by the Numbers

10: Weeks in India

4: People who’ve asked me if I’m part Indian

1: Person who asked me if I was Mexican

1: Person who told me I looked like Miley Cyrus

40: Rupees for the cheapest, most delicious meal I’ve had thus far

80: Cents, the approximate dollar value of 40 rupees

2: Indian weddings

1: Bath with an elephant

3: Rocks thrown at me when I wore a tank top in Pushkar

174: Songs on my “Bollywood Beats” playlist

1: Dose of antibiotics needed from eating bad fish in Goa

1: Gag when typing the above

3: Trips to McDonalds

4: McFlurries devoured at McDonalds

0: McAloo Tikki burgers

1: More gag when typing the above

3: Australian guys I’ve kissed

27: Mosquito bites counted on the right side of my visiting sister’s face

1: Rickshaw driver who took me home to meet his family and look at their picture albums

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