Evernotes From: A Crash Course in Social Media

I like Twitter as much as the next person, but I primarily use it to follow @meganamram, @chrissyteigen and other people who make me lol. When it comes to the rest of the social media suspects—Pinterest, Facebook, etc.—I’d say I’m active but not proactive; proficient but not at all professional. 

It was a great way to keep in touch from abroad; tumblr-ing from Thailand and a whole host of instas from India. But making it work for me? That’s where I’m lucky enough to have a marketing genius BFF who spearheads campaigns for Cirque de Soleil, MSG and the likes. The below basics are from her tutorial on “branding myself”. Step 1 is to say that without criiinging; but seriously:

1.) Filters, not Just for Smoking.

Figuring out your brand isn’t always easy. First start by thinking of the key words you’d use to describe it—nouns, adjectives, whatever (free association here but things like travel, artsy, intellectual, relatable…). Pick a few and going forward, try to align everything you put forth in some way with one (or ideally all) of these filters.

My favorite? Pippa of Sous Style sums up her filter in four words: sexy new gen homemaker. She’s created a successful brand by reinforcing this persona throughout her content.

2.) Join the Conversation.

My friend’s anecdote for this was as follows: Think of McDonalds—for years the bottom line of their traditional marketing and advertising campaigns was “Eat our Burgers and Fries”. And while I love a good Big Mac, that message doesn’t cut it in today’s digital day and age. We live in a dialoguing world, and the subject of being healthy and feeling good is important. For McDonalds to entice consumers they have to stay relevant, which they absolutely do: Exhibit A.

And while the example above is bigger picture, there’s smaller conversations happening every day, from breaking news to TV shows to holidays. Try and posit yourself in any number of frameworks that align with your filters.

3.) Be Interested, not just Interesting.

It’s all about engaging with other people, not at them. One of my favorite sayings goes You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.

Makes sense right? Follow people, ask some questions, answer others. Forget 100,000 fans, try making some new friends.

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