Currently loving life in Melbourne! 

Australia is always one of those places that fell at about #76 on my travel bucketlist: Somewhere before London and after Dubai. I envisioned it as very similar to California, except with hotter guys and kangaroos. I was pretty accurate, but there’s also trams and koalas and an outback…and after five months of backpacking Asia it could not be a better place to spend some time.

Priorities on the to-do list:

  • hug a koala
  • learn to surf
  • dive the great barrier reef
  • Australian boyfriend
  • see penguins
  • Ayre’s rock
  • outback

Despite the list, I’m trying to chill out for a little with the planning and adventuring and just sort of see what comes my way here…I’m feeling like I could maybe stay put for a month or two and make friends, find a job, etc. (minimum wage here is around $22, FYI) I don’t have anywhere to be until I meet my family in Europe in July, so we’ll see. 

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